Monday, 26 February 2018

Show Your Support for Pink Shirt Day

Nobody likes a bully. Those who put others down for no reason need to learn to make better choices. Causing someone to feel small and useless isn't what being a compassionate human is about. This Pink Shirt Day let's strive to create change.

Pink Shirt Day’s campaign aims to increase awareness on issues such as bullying, as well as raise funds to support various programs to boost children’s self-esteem. Help put a smile on a child's face by wearing a pink shirt and encouraging them to stand up for others.

Living in the digital age can make cyber-bullying even harder to deal with. The Internet allows for easier access to social media, which can translate to non-stop harassment. Bullying is hard on all kids, but children with disabilities are three to five times more likely to be bulled by their peers. This can lead to unnecessary anxiety and fear down the road. 

Ability Online has always been an avid supporter of Pink Shirt Day. Our online community takes pride in being bully-free for over 27 years. On February 28thjoin us in wearing pink shirts to combat against bullying and remember that every day is chance to stand up.

Ability Online will be located at Humber College for a Pink Shirt Day bake sale. Come by, purchase a baked good, and show your support!

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