Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Ability Friendly Access Business Program by Krystian Shaw - Ability Online member and disability advocate

I run and own a newsletter in Kamloops BC Canada called The Kamloops Self Advocate Newsletter. that focuses on disability awareness, success stories and inclusion for all as well as a new program/service is starting up for September for Kamloops and surrounding area businesses called Ability friendly Access business program that will certify businesses as disability friendly and welcoming to all and some doctors who have a knack for serving and dealing with patients who have disabilities like developmental disabilities, mental health issues or autism and other kinds of disabilities. We would like medical offices to become scent free and disability friendly places to go to and to visit your doctor or chiropractic doctors etc. The program costs 15 dollars every 3 months or 50 dollars for the year. With this program you also get a certificate with a frame to hang up on your business wall for customers or patients to see. As well as a listing in our monthly newsletter. This is a very exciting and unusual project to happen in Kamloops and surrounding  area. We will be making places disability friendly and accessible and friendly. people like to know if you support diversity, inclusion and access in your business or medical office. People like to deal with businesses who has the same values as their customers or  patients. We will certify them as being good places to eat or shop at or go to. 

Thanks to Jan's (my marketing assistant) idea I ran with it and we all came up with good ideas. I also been in touch with Media and other businesses in Kamloops like Fun Factor to give a certificate to. All the certificates come with a frame and a listing in the monthly newsletter.  This is a dream come true for my city and surrounding areas. 

I live with developmental disabilities and an anxiety disorder and ADHD and I wanted to create a new service to mark my 6th anniversary year of doing this for society and people with all disabilities including but not limited to mental health issues.  I also would like to thank Jan for her idea.

We also want to congratulate businesses for serving us. as customers from all abilities as well as from diverse backgrounds. We also would like to say good job to businesses for hiring us as employees and much more. 

I also would like to say you can do anything you set your mind too with the right supports in place. Please feel free to share this inspiring story.

I am the president at the Kamloops Self Advocate.