Monday, 19 February 2018

Avra Labs Eye Control by Shandi Pace

There's a new technology emerging that's inclusive for any person that struggles with typing has the ability to use. Avra Labs Eye Control was developed by Rishi Kapadia and allows members with mobility issues to operate a computer with only their eyes. By simply using an eye-tracking bar and downloading the necessary software, members will calibrate their computer to work with their eye strength. This works by a tracking device located at the base of the monitor.

In the summer of 2017, Rishi was working at a large tech company and noticed one of his team members struggling to use a computer. “His condition was an essential tremor and I noticed that it took him about five seconds to be able to move his mouse cursor across the screen and typing on his keyboard was a struggle,” said Kapadia.

Researching various solutions that could work as a hands-free alternative to using a mouse and computer left only a few useful options. While there were several other products on the market, none were as efficient to any skill set as the eye gaze technology was.

The next step was to test out the competition. Although eye gaze was the most effective option available to use a computer, most were slow and inconsistent to use. “After ten minutes I didn’t want to use it anymore because of how cumbersome it felt (slow, not accurate enough which would cause it to click places I didn't intend it to, and it felt like a pain in the eye),” said Kapadia. The majority of the products were also overpriced and with the technology available in the world today it was time for a change.

Accessibility is an issue across Canada, which should not only relate to outside of the home, but also while using technology that is supposed to be available to everyone. “After doing research, I recognized that there are millions of people around the world who have difficulty using a computer due to their physical condition. It became my goal to bring these individuals a computer usage experience they can enjoy,” said Kapadia.

At the Abilities Expo the technology was brought to life when Sarah, Ability Online’s own was able to use the software. She was able to type and control the computer with her eyes and with minimal clicking involved. “It was cool to try. I can type quickly, but I think that this technology is going to be really great for people who have trouble with their arms and have issues typing,” said Sarah.

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