Friday, 2 February 2018

Valentine's Day Campaign

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. This year, instead of buying chocolates why not donate to Ability Online?

The average amount Canadian’s spend on candies and chocolates for their special someone each year is $191. We think that donating to Ability Online for Valentine’s Day can help make a lasting difference.

In reality, most gifts don’t have a continuous impact: roses wilt and chocolates tend to go bad. Make your present to a loved one a donation that not only shows how much you care, but is also a gift that gives back.

Over the last 27 years Ability Online has been a free, supportive online community for kids, teens and young adults with all kinds of disabilities or health challenges. It’s become a place for those who need help to get advice from role models and mentors. Highlighted in our blog and across our website, our members have accomplished some pretty great things.

Without Ability Online, many members and parents would feel alone. Building an online community where they can seek support and make new friends is the boost most need to succeed. Donating will insure that our members will continue to receive the online support they need.

This Valentine’s Day, help our kids accomplish even more incredible things.

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