Thursday, 26 November 2015

Meaningful Gifts by Sarah Evans

I recently learned that Black Friday is on the same day as Buy Nothing Day. This seems like a bit of an oxymoron. A lot of people would agree that the holiday season has become too commercial. What I dislike most is feeling obligated to by a gift for someone just because it is Christmas. I think if we took time to put some thought into what we were giving people, it might actually be fun.

Obviously, you want to buy something a friend or family member will like, but some people seem to have everything or you may not feel like you know what the person's interests are.

Personally, I have always liked to receive as a gift something that I can do. Most people have hobbies they enjoy. If you are unsure what their hobbies are, simply ask them or check out their profile page on sites like Facebook and Pinterest. Another idea is to give them something that would allow them to try a new hobby.

Spending time with someone is always a wonderful gift. You can get tickets to a special event or just plan something fun to do with them. It is the time you spend together that is most important.

There are a number of small ways that you can make gift giving thoughtful and meaningful. Here are some inexpensive gift ideas that most people would appreciate receiving:

- For drinkers, a bottle of wine or spirits.
- Specialty cookies or cupcakes.
- iFLY Toronto has introductory packages for under $100 for people who like just a little bit of adventure.
- Manicures and pedicures are becoming popular among both men and women and can usually be purchased for under $50. 

Do you have any special gift ideas that are inexpensive yet thoughtful? Please feel free to comment below!

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