Tuesday, 8 December 2015

A Non-User Friendly System by Sarah Evans

A week ago, I had a very frustrating experience with my attendant service provider. I was having some medical issues and needed help with something that I wouldn't normally have to do and can't do by myself. I was told that my personal support workers were not trained to help me with what I needed and that I would have to have a nurse come over. When I asked if they would send a nurse, they told me that I would have to get a doctor's note saying that I needed a nurse. They suggested that while I was waiting for all that to be arranged, I could take an alternative form of the treatment or get a relative to help me.

I was very upset about this. I understand that there are systems in place that work a certain way, but it was kind of an emergency situation and I needed help. I want to be independent and feel like I should not have to rely on family. Although I know that my family is there for me, I want to be fair to them, too.

Fortunately, I am on direct funding now, which means that I can manage my own attendants and direct them to do what I need done. But even though agencies have rules, I think that they have to be more flexible and keep the individual's needs at the center of the care that they offer. 

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