Monday, 2 November 2015

Accessible Keyboards by Sarah Evans

Typing has always been a bit challenging for me. Growing up, I used a key guard, which is a piece of metal or plastic that is fitted to a particular keyboard that has holes for the keys in it. It had to be custom made, and it wasn't very comfortable to type.

Typing was easier when I got my iPad a few years ago and could use the on-screen keyboard. Since then, I have experimented with a number of keyboard apps. The app that I like and use most is called Fleksy. The unique thing about this keyboard is that it has very powerful auto correct, so I can type fast without having to worry about accuracy. Fleksy also has extensions that users can add. My favourite extension makes the keyboard smaller so that I can type with one hand. And since I have iOS 8, I can (and have) made Fleksy my default keyboard.

I like to explore different apps and there are a number of apps that have made everyday tasks like typing easier.

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