Monday, 29 June 2015

Improving The Quality of Life for Individuals Living with Disability

Did you know that one in seven people have a disability and that people with disabilities are the largest growing demographic in the world? This is an important demographic for businesses with respect to product development and employee diversity.

This long ignored group of people is suddenly beginning to be acknowledged by industry leaders; especially in the field of technology. published an article called 7 Tech Breakthroughs That Empower People with Disabilities. Click here to read the article.

Meanwhile, did you know that has a grant giving program called Ability Gives? We understand the financial strain created for parents trying to satisfy the equipment needs of children with disabilities. We provide grants for various types of equipment to help families improve the quality of life of their children. Check out the Ability Gives program at Ability Online. Preference is given to active members of our online community (it is free to join). Ask for a tour and discover resources, games, chat rooms and more.
Also, feel free to visit us to make a donation or leverage the influence of people in your workplace and community. 100% of all donations received for the Ability Gives program go directly toward the purchase of equipment. We keep absolutely nothing for ourselves!

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