Friday, 5 June 2015

Developing New Opportunities by Sarah Evans

Sometimes it's easy for me to get stuck and unmotivated.  I know that I have to try harder to go out and be with people, but I make excuses such as the following:  I get too tired,  I don't want to have to cancel my attendant care too many times, I have too much work to do.

But every once in awhile, something comes along that motives me.  Last weekend,  I was at the People in Motion show in Toronto, which is an annual trade show for people with disabilities.  I saw some really neat things.  The Ontario Wheelchair Sports Association had a booth there featuring information about a number of different adapted sports. There was also an organization called Wheel Dance, which offers dancing for people with disabilities.  I took some information from both organizations and signed up for their mailing lists.

I know that I need to be proactive in kickstarting my social life, but going to where there is a lot of information about different opportunities is very inspiring for me.  It excites me to think about trying new things and meeting new people.

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