Tuesday, 8 January 2019

The Kamloops Self Advocate Podcast - by Krystian Shaw, Ability Online member/volunteer

I Started a new podcast in conjuction with my newsletter business called The Kamloops Self Advocate newsletter.

I focus on all disabilities including mental health issues. I interview people ranging from  disability sports like Special Olmpic atheles and Paralympic atheletes and so many other cool people like mental health advocates etc.

i also have a message for anyone out there with mental health challenges and other kinds of disabilities, you are not alone with your stuggles in your life. I would love to interview the exective director of Ability Online and others about their successes with ability online or other issues that they want to talk about. feel free to download the google  play  app for anchor so we can talk and it's a free app. so you do not need to give out your personal info for safety reasons and join in the conversation by sending voice messages etc. Remember I am here to support you all with your struggles in life and to promote different disability services like Ability Online. 

I would like to get connected with special olympic athletes and paralympic athletes about their personal experience living with a disability. feel  free to message me on Ability Online in a private message to set up a time for an interview, even if you don't want an interview, just listen to my podcast called disability awareness and success stories at anchor.fm/krystian4 and it's a free podcast hosting software. They also provide if you are USA citizens but are expanding to other countries soon is sponsorships for your podcast. so I found a company audio marketing platform in Austria that is world wide with sponsors/advertisers that added me to a data base to get sponsors for my podcast. 

I also would love to stomp out stigma and discrimination world wide. I am also on itunes with my podcast and other podcast distribution platforms too.  I am branching out with free podcasts for the  world as well now I have forums etc that is a social network part to my business about disability awareness and success stories etc. if any parents would like to be interviewed about their son or daughter and how they are proud of them please feel free to message me thanks at Ability Online in a private message to set up a time, please do so or e-mail thekamloopsselfadvocate@yahoo.com 

Interview with Michelle McClure from Ability Online, January 8, 2019.

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