Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Ways to De-Stress by Shandi Pace

Stress is a part of our daily lives. Worrying about so many daily activities at once can lead to severe physical effects in the future. Ranging from health issues to irritability, it’s important to be aware to what may be causing your stress. For the most part, you can’t change the source of your stress, however you can change how you deal with it.

There’s truly no way to live a completely stress-free life, but these are a few tips on how to stay relaxed.

Exercise is a simple way to relieve your body’s pent up energy. Even by doing just 30 minutes of activity a day your overall mood will change dramatically. Self-paced exercises tend to get the best results.
·      Best exercises to try: Yoga, High-Energy Activities (running, dancing), Tai Chi.

Healthy eating ensures that the body has energy and nutrients it needs to maintain concentration and for the brain to function properly. Although junk food might taste better, superfoods are packed with vitamins and minerals that will leave you feeling less bloated.
·      Best foods to try: Asparagus, avocado, blueberries, salmon, almonds.

Get some sleep! Make sure your body isn’t getting in the way of your ability to reciprocate in stressful situations by heading to bed earlier. Your mood can also be altered depending on how much sleep you’ve had. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night is what’s recommended most.
·      Tips to try:
o   Unplug all electronics 10-15 minutes before bed.
o   Read a book or magazine to tire yourself out.
o   Try heading to bed earlier.
o   Make sure your room is as dark as possible.

Talk it out. Opening discussing what’s on your mind with a trusted family member or friend helps introduce a new point of view. If more attention is needed, seek out support groups or check out Ability Online’s forums with multiple mentors always available. Keeping a journal is another way to also “talk it out” if the problem is more personal.

Do something you love. Always take time out of your day to do the things you love the most. If something is causing an issue, take short breaks and step back from what’s causing you stress. Most like to listen to music, take a nap, colour in an adult colouring book, take a bath or play video games. Regularly make time for whatever it is you enjoy most.

Schedule your time accordingly. Make a list of priorities you want to accomplish over the span of a week. Organizing your time and not taking on too many responsibilities will lower your stress. Also, allow for time to do your favourite hobbies and interests.

Stay Positive. Living life to the fullest is the most straightforward way to cut stress out of your life. Studies show that laughter lowers the levels of stress hormones and reduces inflammation in the arteries. Overall, having a positive attitude will not only reflect how you feel, but the people around you as well.

Do you have any special ways you deal with stress? Comment below!

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