Friday, 12 February 2016

Doing What Works by Sarah Evans

All my life I have liked to handwrite. I used to get into arguments with my mother and teachers (I tell you this with a smile on my face) over me writing. My handwriting is big and messy and difficult to read. I understand why people thought it would be easier for me and others if I typed instead of wrote, but I was still stubborn at times.

It wasn't until years later when I didn't have easy access to a computer that I began to handwrite again. I really liked it. What I realized is that for me, handwriting was less an issue of my being stubborn and more about it being easier for me to do my work. It feels like information flows more easily when I write. Somehow, my brain processes information differently. As well, I am a tactile person. I am more focused and engaged in what I am doing when I am writing or doing something meaningful with my hands. I even have an app on my iPad that converts my handwriting into text.

I have learned to do what works. Even though it takes me longer to hand write, it helps me to think more clearly and gives me more confidence in my work.

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