Thursday 15 March 2018

Don't "Dis" My Ability by Gwyneth West

Hi, my name is Gwyneth West. I am a host on Ability Online, welcoming new users to the website. I was born prematurely and had to spend my first three months in the hospital. When I was just nine months old I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. I also have scoliosis and I have epilepsy, which is pretty well controlled with medication.

I am a wheelchair user with an electric wheelchair that is height adjustable. It has tilt and recline and it can go into stand-up, which is very handy for when I go to the gym. I have a David Hart Walking Orthosis, which I really enjoy going to the gym with as I can move around more freely there (but not when the schools are there because it's busy and loud). When I take my walker down I'm able to use the tennis courts, so I have more space. I like to play on the light wall, play Boccia, and I would love a recumbent bike to ride with my PA's beside me (I need someone sitting with me to steer and use the brakes for me). I really enjoy the freedom that my chair, my walker and a bike gives me.

I like to express myself through my art and crafts work that I do. I am so proud of myself for selling my artwork at the crafts stalls.

Don't "dis" my ability.

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